Mary LaBianca works in her studio at the Clayspace collective in the River Arts District. Feel free to email tinymountainclay@gmail.com to schedule a time to come by. 


Through my work I juxtapose silhouettes of nature with simple, ceramic forms. I use the surface techniques of sgraffito and mishima, an inlay style, on porcelain clay with the intention of causing the viewer to pause, find stillness and become aware of their own inner contemplation. 

My aesthetics of design are informed by the compositions and curved flow of art nouveau lines and the careful consideration of positive and negative space on and around the form. Inspiration comes from personal observations that drive me to create a dialogue between beautiful, fragile botanical shapes with simple, stoic, timeless forms. In my own history gardens are markers of my past and present.  Botanic moments and memories are where I find symbolic meaning when integrating them with a vessel.  


Mary LaBianca is a ceramic artist working in the Asheville River Arts District. She has a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from UNC Asheville with concentrations in painting, drawing and dance and an MFA in Choreography and Performance from Mills College in Oakland CA. She has a Diploma in Clay from Haywood Community College’s Professional Craft Program and an Associates in Applied Craft with a focus on clay from Haywood. Her work brings together form and surface with a quiet focus in functional, interpretable pots.